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Personal coaching to transform Professionals to Leaders: Leadership skills, traits and career management by an Executive Coach, Corporate Leader & Best-selling Author, Riku Vuorenmaa

Personal Coaching to Transform Professionals to Leaders

Leadership skills and traits, career management and fast promotions to management positions

Are you a professional and know that you have more in you?

Do you think you would have what it takes to be a leader?

We provide personalized online coaching that will take your career to the next levels. Everything is tailored to your specific needs, from leadership skills to career development plans and concrete strategies and tactics to quickly increase your influence, impact and professional credibility. 

Our coaching is designed to make you a highly valued top-performer, influencer and a leader, and get you promoted to a management position as fast as possible, no matter where you start from. 

Stepping up and starting your management career can be a daunting task, and getting your first promotion to a management position can be extremely hard – especially if you don’t have the special knowledge and insights that are needed, or anyone to support and coach you on your journey.

Leadership skills are only a small part of the complete package that you need to rise through the ranks and get promoted fast  and often. Most people don’t have an idea of what else is needed, and thus they are stuck on their careers or advance very slowly.

However, becoming a leader or a manager (and doing it quickly) is far from impossible, when you know exactly what to do, and have someone to guide you on your journey.  We specialize in getting you promoted to management positions as quickly and efficiently as possible, while training you to become a leader who people willingly follow.

And the results can be significant; wealth, status, personal growth, confidence and freedom are just a few of the rewards of a successful management career that many leaders enjoy.

Hot to get promoted and how to get a salary raise

There are many different aspects in starting and building a management career that most people don’t know about, and thus struggle with their career progression. We are here to coach you through all the important career management steps while building your leadership skills and mindset. Our target is simply to make it significantly easier and faster to start your management career.

All our 1on1 coaching is done by an executive coach and ex-corporate leader, and it is tailored to suit your exact leadership training, career management and personal development needs. We go far beyond traditional career advice and coaching services with our comprehensive coaching method: 
We aim to change your life, not only your job.

Armed with all the essential knowledge, mindset and skills, and supported by comprehensive coaching, you can confidently push through the challenges of becoming a leader and build your management career in a pace that most people can only dream of. 

Maybe you are wondering if leading and building a management career is even possible for you?

Have you have been waiting for a promotion from your company, but never got one?

The fact is that promotions are not given; they are taken by those who have the knowledge, proper preparation and support. And when you know exactly how to get promoted, you get promoted fast and often.

First thing to understand is that it is not a game of luck, but a game of skills, tactics and strategy and preparation and having a mentor or a professional coach is a huge advantage over anyone trying to make it on their own.

Coaching Leadership Skills to get promoted and to get salary raises

The skill set and knowledge needed to start and build your management career is completely different from the business and leadership skills taught in schools and universities.

We know how to do it, and we are here to coach you through building your leadership skills, and mindset and making it easier to start your management career, and enjoy the rewards that come with it.

We will provide you with all the necessary knowledge, insights, skills, mindset, plans, preparation, and support to get where you want to go as fast as possible.

Proper preparation, strategy and support will cut years from getting the promotions you need to start building your management career. We will also guide you through salary negotiations and show you how get get the raises to make sure you get what you really deserve.

We will keep you pushing forward and supporting you through all the obstacles on your path – even when you feel like quitting yourself.

Your success is our mission, and we are ready to fight for it.

Eye of the Storm Coaching provides comprehensive personal coaching and training for leaders and managers
(or anyone who wants to become one)

Personal performance
productivity, excellence, impact, influence

Career management
getting promoted, getting hired, salary negotiations, career planning, credibility

Leadership skills development

Leadership characteristics and traits development

Management skills development

Business skills & understanding

Personal development
Finding out what you really want, why you want and how to achieve it;
personal values, vision, purpose, motivation, goals, habits, discipline and confidence.

Personal Coaching to Transform Professionals to Leaders: Leadership skills and traits, career management and getting fast promotions to management positions

Vision for your career

We will help you to find and define vision and goals for your career. It is your time to join the few high-achieving people who live their lives with intention and direction and reach amazing goals.

Career planning and career progression strategy

Strategy and concrete action plan for every step

We will make a concrete action plan for each step that you will have to take to get to the to next levels of your career.

Accountability and discipline to execute your career strategy

Keeping you accountable

We will track your progress towards your goals, and keep you accountable at all times. We will make sure that you build up your skills and execute the agreed plan.

Personal Coaching to Transform Professionals to Leaders: Leadership skills and traits, career management and getting fast promotions to management positions

Supporting you

We will support you with all the questions, hard decisions and difficult situations you face in your work while building your management career.

Leadership skills, Management Skills, Personal development, accountability

Essential knowledge

We will arm you with all the essential knowledge, insights and skills that you need for getting promoted and building your dream career.

Personal Coaching to Transform Professionals to Leaders: Leadership skills and traits, career management and getting fast promotions to management positions

Resources and tools

We will provide resources and tools to use and we will guide you to right additional materials that will help you to build your dream career.

Personal Coaching to Transform Professionals to Leaders: Leadership skills and traits, career management and getting fast promotions to management positions
Personal Coaching to Transform Professionals to Leaders: Leadership skills and traits, career management and getting fast promotions to management positions

Riku Vuorenmaa

Executive Coach & Founder

Ex. Director CGI, Ex Director Incadea

Master of Business Administration, B.Ba Computer Science.

20 years of experience with last 10 in corporate management and leadership positions. Experience of interviewing, hiring, mentoring, coaching, leading and promoting hundreds of people during this time.

Coaching experience is not limited to work environment: Has also coached MMA fighters and other martial artists.

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Twitter: @RikuvuorenmaaE

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I am Riku, the Founder and Coach of Eye of the Storm Coaching. 

I founded Eye of the Storm to help as many as possible to start and build their dream careers and become leaders in their work and in their lives.

I know from my own journey how hard it is to get started and find the confidence, belief and right opportunity to take your first steps on your management career. I had to figure out all the secrets, insights, and skills myself, during the last 10+ years when I was chasing my dream to become a professional leader and make my living with it.

Unfortunately, there never was a clear rulebook for becoming a leader and building a management career, so for most it all seems to be heavily based on luck and whims of your bosses rather than something you can actually control by yourself.

However, there is an ocean of essential knowledge, insights and strategy needed for becoming a good leader and building a leadership career. Most people are completely unaware of this, as it is not taught in traditional leadership books, and is scattered around dozens of different sources and minds of the leaders who already made it.

The few people who have access to this insider information and experienced mentors have a huge advantage over everyone else. They just seem to drive on a career fast lane, snatching promotions and salary raises before anyone else even knows that there was an opportunity available.

I was exactly there over 10 years back: Completely stuck with my unsatisfying career, and I desperately wanted something more.

I wanted to become a leader. I just didn’t have a clue on how to do it, and neither did I have any education or experience for it. I was deeply frustrated as I had no idea how to even get started.

However, I changed all that, and built myself a corporate leadership career in a record time. Once I started to figure out the correct strategies, I became a Director in a huge IT company in under 3 years after I started pursuing a leadership career, doubling my salary in the process. (See my linkedIn).  I didn’t even have any leadership education back then, and that was only the beginning of my journey…

How did I do it? 

With help and support I got from friends, experts, leaders and mentors, and by studying and experimenting different strategies myself, I decoded the leadership and management career secrets into clear principles that you can act upon. I then used them to become a leader and build a successful management career. Later, I successfully helped many others to use the same principles to advance their careers and become leaders.

I did not get there by luck or by being perfect employee and doing my job well. I got there by intentionally preparing myself, and consciously positioning myself so, that I was always the only real choice for the available promotions. All of this requires the exact knowledge of what to do, planning the correct actions, executing efficiently and timely, and having the courage and discipline to push through the obstacles. And most of all, it needs a decision that you are willing to do it.  

While doing all this, I figured out that most people never even get the chance to try doing what I did, as they do not even know how to get started. I was just stubborn enough to keep trying, patient enough to read endless amounts of books, and lucky enough to have a circle of friends who could lend their knowledge to me.

During my years of corporate leadership, I came to realize that mentoring and coaching people towards their full potential, and helping them to reach their dreams is something I love to do, so in 2019 I put my corporate career on hold and started to write a book that would teach everything I had learned. To book became to be “7 Principles of Becoming a Leader – The Definitive Guide for Starting and Building Your Management Career” and was published in 2020 and it is available globally through Amazons.

While writing the book, I also founded Eye of the Storm to offer coaching to leaders and potential leaders, and bringing the success and rewards I had enjoyed also to others.

7 Principles of becoming a Leader by Riku Vuorenmaa

While the book will certainly help you on your career advancement, it might not be enough alone. You still have to put in the disciplined work and figure out how to implement book’s formula to your current situation by yourself. If you want to maximize your results in shortest possible time, you will need a coach or mentor who will make sure you do the right things, and who will keep you working towards your dreams every single day of your life. And that is exactly why Eye of the Storm Coaching came to be. 

Contact us, and we will assess your situation, and give you an honest feedback and a coaching proposal. We do this only, if we see that you are in a situation where we can help you, and we believe that we can truly make a difference to your career and life.

This is a business aiming to change your life.

With best wishes, and hoping to hear from you, Riku

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