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Personal Coaching for Professional Development,
Leadership and Career Management
by a Corporate Leader & Author, Riku Vuorenmaa

Do you want to lead? - We will show you how

Do you want to be in control of your career and your life? 

Do you feel you are stuck in your current job, and you are not sure where to go?

Starting your management career can be a daunting task, and getting your first promotion to a management position can be extremely hard – especially if you do not have the special knowledge that is needed, or anyone to support you on your journey.

However, it is far from impossible, when you know exactly what to do, and have someone to guide you on your journey – and the rewards will be significant. 

Wealth, status, personal growth, confidence and freedom are just a few of the rewards of a successful management career. 

Maybe you are wondering if it is even possible for you?

Maybe you have been waiting for a promotion from your company, but never received any? The fact is that promotions are not given; they are taken by those who have the knowledge and proper preparation and support. 

First thing to understand is that it is not a game of luck, but a game of skills, tactics and strategy and preparation and having a mentor or a professional coach is a huge advantage over anyone trying to make it on their own.

The skill set and knowledge needed to start and build your management career is completely different from the leadership and business skills taught in schools and universities.  

We know how to do it, and we are here to get you ready and start your management career and enjoy the rewards that come with it.

We will provide you with all the necessary knowledge, insights, skills, mindset, plans, preparation, and support to get where you want to go as fast as possible.

Proper preparation, strategy and support will cut years from taking the promotions you need to start building your management career.

We will keep you pushing forward and supporting you through all the obstacles on your path – even when you feel like quitting yourself. 

Your success is our mission, and we are ready to fight for it.

Vision for your career

We will help you to find and define vision and goals for your career. It is your time to join the few high-achieving people who live their lives with intention and direction and reach amazing goals.

Strategy and concrete action plan for every step

We will make a concrete action plan for each step that you will have to take to get to the to next levels of your career.

Keeping you accountable

We will track your progress towards your goals, and keep you accountable at all times. We will make sure that you build up your skills and execute the agreed plan.

Supporting you

We will support you with all the questions, hard decisions and difficult situations you face in your work while building your management career.

Essential knowledge

We will arm you with all the essential knowledge and insights that you need for getting promoted and building your dream career.

Resources and tools

We will provide resources and tools to use and we will guide you to right additional materials that will help you to build your dream career.

Riku Vuorenmaa

Coach & Founder

Ex. Director CGI, Ex Director Incadea

Master of Business Administration, B.Ba Computer Science.

20 years of experience with last 10 in corporate management and leadership positions. Experience of interviewing, hiring, mentoring, coaching, leading and promoting hundreds of people during this time.

Coaching experience is not limited to work environment: Has also coached MMA fighters and other martial artists.

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Twitter: @RikuvuorenmaaE


I am Riku, the Founder and Coach of Eye of the Storm Coaching. 

I founded Eye of the Storm to help as many as possible to start and build their dream careers and become leaders in their work and in their lives.

I know from my own journey how hard it is to get started and find the confidence, belief and right opportunity to take your first steps on your management career. I had to figure out all the secrets, insights, and skills myself, during the last 10 years when I was chasing my dream to become a professional leader and make my living with it.

Before those 10 years even started, I wasted years just wondering if and how it would be possible to become a leader and build a career out of it. I was full of doubt and questions, and there was no one to give me concrete advice, and not a single book which would have clearly told me how to get started. There was just a great deal of misunderstandings and false beliefs out there, and they alone are enough to discourage most people from ever even trying.

So, when I realized that there wasn’t a good source of information available for my needs, I started to experiment myself. I have talked with hundreds of people and discussed with countless leaders and managers that I have met during my career, just to find out what were the secrets and tactics that made some people raise in the ranks so much faster than anyone else. I learned a lot from all of this, and I started to figure out what it was all about.

I also had my own strategy in mind, and I started testing and developing it at my that time employer, a huge consulting giant, CGI. I started there as the youngest project manager in an autonomous business unit of approximately 70 people. I didn’t have any leadership skills or experience (or even training at this stage, as I did my business masters degree only after getting my first Director title). The only thing I knew was how to barely manage some projects. In less than 3 years and two significant promotions later, I was leading the whole business unit and all of its people. I had the title of a Director, that I had been dreaming off for a long time. And I also had the rewards that come with the leadership position at this level. But most of all, I had my proof that the strategy was working, and I knew that I had uncovered something of great value! After my own success, I have helped a few chosen people with the same strategy, and everyone has been getting great results, even if they were following only parts of the formula.

I did not get there by luck or by being perfect employee and doing my job well. I got there by intentionally preparing myself, and consciously positioning myself so, that I was always the only real choice for the available promotions. All of this requires the exact knowledge of what to do, planning the correct actions, executing efficiently and timely, and having the courage and discipline to push through the obstacles. And most of all, it needs a decision that you are willing to do it.  

While doing all this, I figured out that most people never even get the chance to try doing what I did, as they do not even know how to get started. I was just stubborn enough to keep trying, patient enough to read endless amounts of books, and lucky enough to have a circle of friends who could lend their knowledge to me.

During my years of corporate leadership, I came to realize that mentoring and coaching people towards their full potential, and helping them to reach their dreams is my true passion and calling. So in 2019 I left my corporate career and founded Eye of the Storm to commit fully to coaching and bringing the success and rewards I enjoyed also to others.

To help as many as possible, I am also putting all my knowledge to writing.

The book, “7 Principles of Becoming a Leader – The Definitive Guide for Starting and Building Your Management Career”, will be published in the first half of 2020.

While the book will certainly help you, it will only be as helpful as much as you can push yourself, and figure out how to implement book’s formula to your current situation. If you want to maximize your results in shortest possible time, you will need a coach that will make sure you do the right things, and who will keep you working towards your dreams every single day of your life. And that is exactly why Eye of the Storm Coaching came to be. 

Contact us, and we will assess your situation, and give you an honest feedback and a coaching proposal. We do this only, if we see that you are in a situation where we can help you, and we believe that we can truly make a difference to your career and life.

This is a business aiming to change your life.

With Best Wishes, and hoping to hear from you, Riku

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