Career Management: Choose your company wisely

Career Management: Choose your company wisely  · 

Working for the right company is essential for your career development possibilities. The optimal company should have a healthy level of growth that results in an upward motion of the managers through different levels as the company evolves. The growth also expands the operations, which again creates completely new higher positions to be filled. Here is a list of the things you should at minimum evaluate when choosing the company:

  • Is the company growing, and how fast?
  • Is the company making profit, or if not, does it have a solid backing from investors? How is the company’s liquidity in general?
  • Does the company offer services and products that are in demand also in the future?
  • Are there any major re-constructions or other disrupting events, such as risk of being a target of acquisition present?
  • Does the company offer clear career advancement possibilities or official career path programs?
  • What is the general reputation of the company as an employer & how is the company culture?
  • Does the company pay market rate salaries?

Some of these things you can find out just by doing your own research, however, all of these are questions that you can, and should ask during the job interviews and negotiations with the company. You can use these to evaluate the stability of the company, and your chances to advance your career quickly there.

It is essential to avoid companies that will stop your career advancement due to the stunted growth or decline of the company, or other major negative events. It is also extremely taxing for you to try excelling in your work and trying to build your leadership skills and career in a company that is going through tough times and the general mood of the company is very depressed or extremely cautious. Growth companies offer so much more potential for you and your career that you should solely seek to work for them.

The general reputation and culture of the company will give you an indication how they treat their employees. The companies that have a reputation of treating and compensating their employees badly should be naturally avoided whenever possible. If these basic values aren’t a priority for the company, it will most likely not be an ideal place to enjoy your work and advance your career.

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