7 Principles of Becoming a Leader

The definitive guide for starting and building your management career.
Riku Vuorenmaa

A best-selling book to teach you everything you need to start and build your management career and become a leader. 

 Do you want to lead?

7 Principles of Becoming a Leader is the only book of its kind that covers everything you need to do to become a leader. The comprehensive method outlined in this book will guide you through all the essential principles of building a successful management career:

Professional development: Personal excellence and productivity 
Leadership development: Mindset and essential leadership skills 
Personal development: Your identity and character as a leader 
Career development and management: Get promoted and well paid 
Social skills and networking: Work with the right people 
Business and company understanding: The big picture 
Commitment: Decide and commit to become a good leader  

7 Principles of Becoming a Leader starts from the very beginning of the leadership journey and takes you through every step to becoming a leader who is in control of their work, career, and life.

Have you ever dreamed about becoming a leader?

Imagine what it would feel like to lead your own team, have the power to make things happen, and gain the rewards and status that the professional leaders enjoy.

Unfortunately, there never was a clear rulebook for becoming a leader and building a management career, so for most it all seems to be based on luck and whims of your bosses rather than something you can actually control by yourself.

However, there is an ocean of essential knowledge, insights and strategy needed for building a leadership career. Most people are completely unaware of this, as it is not taught in traditional leadership books, and is scattered around dozens of different sources and minds of the leaders who already made it.

The few people who have access to this insider information and experienced mentors have a huge advantage over everyone else. They just seem to drive on a career fast lane, snatching promotions and salary raises before anyone else even knows that there was an opportunity available.

These facts make it very difficult and frustrating for anyone to start building a successful leadership career. Most people just don’t have an idea what they should actually do, so they are stuck on their old jobs without any clear plans how to step up.

Same time the business world misses many good leaders because they never even get their chances to try and see if they have what it takes to lead.

I was exactly there some 10 years back: Completely stuck with my unsatisfying career, and I desperately wanted something more.

I wanted to become a leader. I just didn’t have a clue on how to do it, and neither did I have any education or experience for it. I was deeply frustrated as I had no idea how to even get started.

However, I changed all that, and built myself a corporate leadership career in a record time. Once I started to figure out the correct strategies, I became a Director in a huge IT company in under 3 years after I started pursuing a leadership career, doubling my salary in the process. (See my linkedIn).  I didn’t even have any leadership education back then, and that was only the beginning of my journey…

How did I do it? 

With help and support I got from friends, experts, leaders and mentors, and by studying and experimenting different strategies myself, I decoded the leadership and management career secrets into clear principles that you can act upon. I then used them to become a leader and build a successful management career. Later, I successfully helped many others to use the same principles to advance their careers and become leaders.

These principles are now, for the first time, written in a book, 7 Principles of Becoming a Leader – The Definitive Guide for Starting and Building Your Management Career.

7 Principles of Becoming a Leader is a comprehensive method, guiding you through all the essential aspects of becoming a leader and building a successful career around it. And most importantly, it starts from the very beginning, taking you step-by-step through your leadership journey to becoming a leader who is in control of their work, career and life.

You can get the first look at the 7 Principles method in the free ebook, 3 key strategies for any leadership career:

  1. How to become a problem solver and use that to advance your career.
  2. How to understand and work with the big picture to make a greater impact on your company.
  3. How to build next-level experience and skills you need to secure promotions to higher positions.

Imagine what it would feel like to have a clear direction for your desired career, a solid step-by-step plan how to achieve it and the willpower to make it all happen. That is what leaders do, and you are about to become one!

Then, on the other hand, imagine what your career will look like in a few years, if you just wait and hope that it gets better. And even worse, what will happen if you finally get a chance for a promotion and end up competing with someone who has a clear plan and knows exactly what to do to win.

The fact is that important promotions are never given; they are taken by those who are prepared and know what they are doing.

So, make sure you are the one taking them, and start your journey to become a leader with the Seven Principles!

The full book will be available in the Amazons around the world in the June 2020. All Subscribers will get a note when the book is available.

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7 Principles of becoming a Leader by Riku Vuorenmaa - Best Seller
7 Principles of Becoming a Leader - The Definitive guide for starting and building your management career, now available at Amazons around the world.

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