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Company Services – Coaching for Leaders and Managers Eye of the Storm Coaching provides comprehensive mentoring and coaching services for companies. Our coaching services are designed to develop engaging leaders and managers. The methodology is based on vast employee engagement and productivity data gathered and analysed by Gallup.com. Employee engagement is a huge issue and …

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Free eBook – Inner Game

Would you like to take control of your life and career? Maybe you would like to be a leader in your work or in your personal life?  Learn the inner game that helped me to build the life and career I dreamed of, while rising from a backroom employee to a corporate leader in a …

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Free eBook 3

Stuck on your career? Promotions and salary raises come too slow?  I was exactly there some 10 years back: Completely stuck with my unsatisfying career and I desperately wanted something more. Would you like to know how I changed that and climbed from a backroom employee to a corporate leader in a record time and without …

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Book Extras

Extra Materials7 Principles of Becoming a Leader Big-picture illustration (PDF) Problem management process – checklist (PDF) Problem-and-proposal list (Excel) Ownership checklist (PDF) Habit tracking template (Excel) Things to know and understand about your company – checklist (Word) Personality analysis template (Excel) Questions to ask in a job interview (Blog article) Slide deck for starting with …

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Free eBook – 3 Key Strategies

Have you ever dreamed about becominga leader or manager? Would you like to know the key strategies I used to climb from a backroom employee to a corporate leader in a record time?  Learn the 3 things that separate high-performers and potential leaders from the rest and jumpstart your own career. Strategy for building higher-level …

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Become a Leader: Leadership & Management Career Blog - Get promoted fast and often!

Leadership & Career Management Blog

This is a blog focused on professional development, leadership skills and career Management and it is written to help you on your leadership journey. You will find articles teaching essential leadership skills and discussing different aspects of the leadership work. Some articles will also dive deeper into leadership lessons and well-being of leaders in high-pressure …

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